Apple iOS 11.3 Update: iPhone’s to Automatically Send Location to Emergency Services

The latest Apple version iOS 11.3 update support Advanced Mobile Location that automatically sends a user location to emergency services when the user calls. Additional iOS 11.03 features include support for Advanced Mobile Location to automatically send a user current location when making a call to emergency services in countries where Advanced Mobile Location is supported, updated by apple at the blog spot.

The feature activates Global Position System(GPS) and Wi-Fi service when someone calls on any emergency number and then it sends a text message with the caller’s current location to reciever. AML is not currently supported in the United states, but iOS(apple) device users in the United Kingdom, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden,Lithuania and some parts of Lower Austria can take advantage,according to The Verge report. All Android smartphones running Gingerbread Operating System and above support Advanced Mobile location. The new Apple iOS 11.3 update will also offer features such as giving user the power to control their battery, Augmented Reality upgrade and Animoji. A major feature will be to show battery backup.

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