Google releases final beta Android P(9.1)

Google releases final beta Android P(9.1)

Google is realizing  the final preview version of Andriod P ahead of public release. Android VP Dave Burke notes that beta 4  build includes “final system behavior” So Google new gesture-based navigation for Android P should be locked in . There’s always the potential for more improvements in future updates, of course, but whatever’s here is what will ship in Android 9.0.

Like  previous beta, this one should  be stable enough to install and test out on your main phone: Google doesn’t mention any major known issues or bugs in beta 4. As just one, Google has erased the microphone icon from the search bar at the bottom of the Android P home screen.

Android P contains a number of visuals across the operating system. Multitasking now shows a preview of each applications entire window. The quick shortcuts  is to pulldown and settings menu also got a makeover. You can easily edit and annotate screenshots. If you really want to bore out, Android Police put together a massive change in Android P.

The company(Google releases final beta Android P(9.1)) has said that those features will come to Android “this fall,” which likely means they’ll debut on the Pixel 3 and Android 9.1.


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