Hacking tool Metasploit

Hacking tool Metasploit

Hacking tool Metasploit
Hacking tool Metasploit

Metasploit was discovered by HD Moore as an open source project . Originally written and edited in Perl, Metasploit was completely re-written in Ruby in 2007. In 2009 it was purchased by Rapid 7, an IT security company that  discovered the vulnerability scanner Nexpose.

Metasploit is now  available in version 4.9.3, which is included in our kali linux. It’s also built in Backtrack. For those of you using some other version of Linux or Unix (including Mac OS), you can download Metasploit from Rapid 7 website.

For those of you using Windows, you can also get it from Rapid 7, but I do not suggest running Metasploit in Windows. Although you can download , some of the features of this hacking framework do not translate over to the Windows operating system.

Metasploit now has multiple products, which includes Metasploit Pro (the full commercial version) and the Community edition that is install into Kali and remains free. We will focus all of our efforts on the Community edition, as I am well aware that most of you will not be buying the $30,000 Pro edition.

metaploit program
metasploit needs to be installed on the linux machine for hacking of the machine content.

Ways to Use Metasploit

Hacking tool metasploit can be accessed or used in multiple ways. The most common method, and the one I use, is the interactive Metasploit console. This is the one that is activated by typing msf console at the command line in Kali. There are several other methods as well to hack via using metasploit.

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